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What Precautions do you Take When Moving in Rainy Season?

Rainy seasons is not the ideal season for packing and moving household goods, but then, a situation may come when you have to relocate. But, if you do not take correct measures, then you can easily end-up messing your house move on a rainy day. This is why summers season is preferred more than any other times of the year for moving a house. But as we know, weather can be very unpredictable, and when you have been transferred or decided to relocate for any season, you actually have to relocate. Thankfully, you can use professional packer and mover services to get your good packed using waterproof packing supplies. But still, there is a lot of precaution that has to be taken when moving in rainy season. If you are faced with a situation where it starts raining on the day you are about to move, you don’t actually have to worry, if you take right precautions. By taking proper precaution you will be able to prevent your belongings from getting wet and damaged. And if you are wondering about what precautions do you need to take when moving in rainy season, then I have got you covered, as that’s what I am discussing in this post. I have used mover and packer services many times in my early days, and I have the experience of moving my house in nearly all seasons. Moving in rainy season can be a little tricky, but only when you are not alert. Take a look at the best precautions you can take to get your household goods moved safe and dry in rainy seasons. Use good quality moving boxes The cardboard boxes that are especially designed to be used by the moving industry are good quality boxes. Unless the boxes are exposed to the rain and water for a very long time, they do provide enough protection to the items inside from the moisture. Please avoid old boxes especially on a rainy because they may be worn thin in certain portions and may also be compromised by the users who have used them previously. However, before using the boxes see to it that the boxes are properly sealed. You may also reinforce the boxes with the help of several layers of packing tape especially around the corners, bottoms and edges. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes To be on the safer side when moving in a rainy day, you can actually go for the plastic boxes instead of using the cardboard boxes for packing. Water cannot do any damage to these boxes and this way your belongings will also stay well protected from the rain. Just be sure that the lids are fitted perfectly and in case of any openings, do cover them using plastic and then tape them to make it waterproof. Wrap your belongings well If you have any belonging that is not packed safely in waterproof moving boxes, then with the help of old towels, moving blankets etc. make a protective layer between them and the rainwater. Then to keep the moisture away, cover the wrapped items with tarps, plastic sheets etc. Clearly label the items In the case of items that are more susceptible to water damage, I will ask you to clearly label the boxes with permanent markers of bright color as “DONT GET WET” or “KEEP DRY” on all the sides. This way the movers will also understand that they have to be especially careful while handling these boxes in the rain and they may even try to keep them in safer places to prevent contact with water to whatever extent possible. Over to you Rain on the moving day can cause a lot of stress to someone who is moving the house, and that’s why rainy season is considered as the off season for packing and moving service business. But there is one advantage of moving in rainy season, as this is the off season you get best rate deals on packing and moving services from local moving companies in your city. If you see the forecast from before and is able to manage to change your date of journey, then that is fine but, in most cases, it is not possible because a change in the date of moving may lead to several more changes. Moreover, rain can even occur at the very last minute or happen all of a sudden while you are already on road, so when you see even 10% chances of rain on that day, it is better you take precautions for that. Simple things like wrapping your items properly, using plastic boxes and then labeling the boxes containing vulnerable items etc. can actually help you protect your belongings from the rain. As far as you and your family are concerned, do dress up according to the weather on the moving day. Take extra clothes, shoes, caps umbrellas with you to prevent yourself from getting drenched. I am hopeful with precautions; you will be able to work it out even when it is raining. Best of luck!

5 Tips to Reduce Local Home Shifting Expenses Easily

People often say that moving and relocation is a tedious and expensive affair. But, packing and shifting can be fun especially when you plan and enjoy the process. And if you are planning to relocate wondering about how to make the process less expensive and fun, then here’s a post that is worth your time.

Today in this post, I am sharing 5 ways you can save money on local household shifting.

1  Figure out a move plan

Not having a move plan in place could turn out as a costly mistake, and I am sure you don’t want that. And therefore, it is important to have a solid move plan in place, even if you are moving within same city or to the next neighborhood.

2  be flexible with move dates

Even if you are moving to the next neighborhood, you are most likely going to hire local moving service. And the best way to get cheaper moving quotes from local moving service companies is to offer the flexibility of date i.e. move in a work day instead of moving during the weekend. Movers are usually free during the work day or have less number of booking and hence they may offer cheaper prices.

3  Hire movers in advance

You are going to need this and therefore it is better to book the movers service well in advance to avoid last minute rush and hassles. And when you have time, you can check multiple moving quotes from movers and packers near you, and hence it makes sense to do the booking in advance and get this out of the way.

4  Arrange packing Supplies

Packing costs can be huge, especially when you have a lot of items or a big house to move. If you seriously want to save on the moving expenses, then it’ll be better to arrange free packing boxes. There are many ways to get free boxes like you can get some from the local grocery store or even buy some used carton boxes from the neighborhood grocery shop. But, use these boxes to pack items like clothes, books etc i.e. items that are not fragile.

5  Do part of packing on your own

If you do part of the packing on your own, then you can save some extra bucks. It’s not always advisable, but you can definitely sort and pack items that are not fragile like clothes, books, linen etc.

Over to you

Packing and shifting is believed to be complicated and tedious. But, you can make it fun and inexpensive by planning everything correctly. And the best way to do this right is to have a solid move plan, find a local mover, hire moving service to get the professional help, do some of the packing yourself and get your gods moved safely and for less.

What else do you think one can do to make the move less expensive?

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